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A brand that is so distinctive and visually powerful, it can get away without even featuring its name these days, and rely solely on its ‘swoosh’ or ‘tick’ brand device.

But if you did want to know the font for ‘NIKE’ then you’ll have to pay (not that much) for Meriden Bold Italic (and ever so slightly redraw the ‘K’ to match the logo).

A free version is SlimSansSerif Bold (and yes, the same slight redraw would be required). You’ll also need to kern and italicise the font as there isn’t an italic version.

Here’s the logo and the finished manipulated SlimSansSerif Bold below:

Nike slimsansserifbold

There are just 4 simple steps to manipulate the font for the correct ‘slant’ and kerning

Below is the original font with the steps used in InDesign to create a close match to NIKE logo lettering:

1. the font just simply typed in caps with all standard default settings

2. using the ‘SKEW’ (false italic) function, type in 21º

3. apply -15 TRACKING (thousandths of an em) to the whole word

4. highlight the ‘K’ AND ‘E’ characters ONLY and apply -45 TRACKING.


indesign steps Nike logo


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