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Probably one of the best logo devices ever created due to the ‘hidden’ arrow device in the manipulated lettering.


It’s based on Futura Bold but has had a fair degree of manipulation to create the desired effect. So you can rest easy knowing that the designer behind this logo meant to create the  arrow device…it was no accident!

Here’s the standard font version before any manipulation (other than some character kerning to get the letters close enough together):


You can see the obvious differences immediately, the ‘x’ height is too great to ‘make’ the arrow, and/or the middle bar of the ‘E’ is too central and needs to be raised. The ascender on the ‘d’ also protrudes too far and needs to be edited, and the bowl shape is too rounded.

Let’s see if we can get a little closer to the finished result…

You can just see a hint of the original logo in certain areas in the 5 images above, I wanted to show you with just a few minutes manipulation, you could get very close to the finished article. The last image below is my coloured up version of image 5 (above), pretty damn close to the real thing.


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