One of the most iconic and distinctive sporting brands around. It was founded in Germany in 1948 by Adolf Dassler. His brother Rudolf created the rival Puma brand at the same time following a ‘falling-out’ between the two brothers.

Adolf’s nickname was “Adi” so the new company is a conjunction of his nickname and the first three letters of his surname: adi-das.

It’s an urban myth that adidas stands for ‘all day I dream about soccer’…

The typeface has been specially created for the logo, but can be re-created using Litera Heavy (redraw the circular elements of the characters to create perfect circles) and embolden it a little. The ‘s’ on the end though is Helvetica Bold.

Here’s the logo, the Litera Heavy font below it, and then the Helvetica Bold font below that for comparison:



and here’s another version which shows Avant Garde at the top, then the logo in the middle, and Litura Heavy below for comparison, again it’s close but not identical:



2 thoughts on “adidas

  1. B G Brand says:

    Or you could just use Avant Garde Bold, which is even more like the original.

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