Led Zeppelin II

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Often called the ‘brown bomber’, Led Zeppelin’s 2nd album sleeve is actually based on an original WW1 photograph of Baron von Richthofen (The Red Baron) and his Flying Circus – who were all fighter pilots, nothing to do with bombers!

Here’s the original photo and the album sleeve:

and if you think the Led Zeppelin logo is hand drawn…you’d be right! But it is based on a genuine font. Kabel Black. Here’s how the lettering would look with the standard font:

here’s how it looks with the extended ascenders and descenders as drawn on the album sleeve:

and then all it needs is the outline border and the respective colours…voila!

Note: there is a digitised font available called ‘Zeppelin2’ but it’s pretty nasty looking and actually not that accurate to what the sleeve designer would have based this logo on. The font creator has had to guess at the letter forms and hence the amateurish result.

Here’s a screen grab of the font Zeppelin2:

and here’s my interpretation of Kabel Black with the ascender/descender modifications as seen on the album sleeve, looks much nicer in my humble opinion!


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