Led Zeppelin – Houses Of The Holy

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Led Zeppelin’s 5th album (1973’s ‘Houses Of The Holy’) followed its predecessor by not having the band name or title anywhere on the outer sleeve at all…not even the spine. The only ‘official’ mention sanctioned by Jimmy Page was to feature the album title on the inner sleeve. Atlantic Records ‘panicked’ again at the potential marketing disaster and ordered a paper strip to wrap around the outer sleeve.

The lettering is hand drawn and based on the ‘arts and crafts style’ largely influenced by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. There is a font available called Rennie Mackintosh but does not feature any serifs. However, a reasonable representation of this Led Zeppelin logo can be created allbeit with a fair degree of manipulation. The lettering also needs to have an outline stroke added to look similar to the Houses Of The Holy lettering. Even though this logo was only used once more (The Song Remains The Same) during the band’s lifetime it is probably Led Zeppelin’s most recognised ‘brand’ and has become the most widely used since the band folded.

Here’s my version using a modified and outlined version of Rennie Mackintosh font:

Ideally, it should be modified still further to ‘squeeze’ the bowl of the ‘P’ character to line up with the middle bar of the ‘E’. The ‘D’ should also have the curve ‘straightened’ to parallel the stem of the ‘Z’.


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