Beatles – Please Please Me


The album that started it all… and it features some bold graphic design/typography too.

The ‘logo’ can be recreated quite closely with Compacta font, but it will need to be condensed a fair bit to match the album sleeve:

The album title can be closely matched with Swiss 721 Black Extended, I’ve added an extra 1pt black stroke around the lettering to match the weight of the album sleeve a little more closely…

you will use the same Swiss font for the rest of the lettering:

“with Love Me Do and 12 other songs”



The correct font is apparently Annonce Grotesque, the regular version can be downloaded here:

2 thoughts on “Beatles – Please Please Me

  1. B G Brand says:

    The lettering for the title and strap line is actually Annonce Grotesque; a very popular typeface at the time.

    • Thanks for your input, my initial research can’t find a downloadable version of the very condensed title font, but I’ll update the page with your observations on Annonce Grotesque.
      Many thanks

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