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I’m a huge fan of graphic design in relation to classic album covers from the 1960s, 70s and 80s as well as movie posters and titles. So this is a site that attempts to uncover the fonts used in many famous logos and brands from the past few decades.


Many album sleeve titles and logos were hand-drawn, particularly before the introduction of digital type. Several designers used ‘rub-down instant lettering’, like Letraset to create album sleeves. Even some hand drawn lettering can often trace its roots back to a specific typeface and that’s what I’ll attempt to uncover here.


Fortunately, the advent of digital typesetting and simpler font creation software makes it much easier to recreate famous examples from the past. So, any examples of band logos or movie titles you want to know about? Send ’em in and let’s see if we can recreate them with modern fonts and typography!


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