eBay logo disaster…?


October 4, 2012 by r3c0rdc0113ct0r

Oh dear, oh dear…how much did they pay their consultants/designers/branding experts for this? I could have done better in 15 minutes!

The original eBay logo isn’t a great piece of design, but as with most brands over a couple of decades’ worth of high level exposure, it becomes distinctive and memorable no matter how good the design.

Original logo:


and the new one…


seriously? “Our refreshed logo is rooted in our proud history and reflects a dynamic future.” What ‘branding expert’ has Devin Wenig, President of eBay been listening too for that bunch of bullshit?! Here’s my 15 minute version that more closely represents how eBay (note the cap B every time they write it in text…) should have ‘reflected a dynamic future’.


This logo is a powerful evolution from the existing heritage that eBay has built up over the years; it has a dynamic approach with the blend of roman and italic character set; bold, web-safe colours; works in a small format, yet is still impactful and visual; strapline that demonstrates the eBay offer; retained the overlapping characters but without the clumsy transparency of the original; retains the correct display of the cap B…works for me. Took 15 minutes from start to finish…here you go eBay, you can have this for £50. Send it via Paypal if you like.


One thought on “eBay logo disaster…?

  1. abgirt says:

    Very nice logo. That would be better for eBay. I like the tagline or motto too.

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